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Phase Shift

by X5s

Dry your eyes, the time has come to rectify The world you lost, sits within your pile of lies Cast aside, the world you've chosen to create Now's the time, to face the shadows of your faith Common and cry your tears, my sweet dear See the reflection, of the monster in the mirror
And I'm wondering when... It's half past ten And I'm wondering when You're coming home? You're coming home? It's half past ten It's half past ten And I'm wondering when You're coming home? You're coming home? And I'm staring up at that Starry sky Asking the twilight Asking the twilight...
Strap in we're going for a ride Across the plains of love we drive Top speed our burning desire Let our love ignite the fire Top down as we chase the sun Two hearts meld into one Give me your love energy This romance be the last thing they see This is designer love
You we're here right by my side I was there holding you tight Now you've gone, I'm not sure why But its been fourteen days from the last time I told you...
And it feels like we're worlds Apart right now but I Am here right by your side Just look at the moon tonight (x3)
So common coward! You think you're a big man don't ya? Right!? So you think you got what it takes? We'll guess what You're nothing! Hit me! Coward, useless, nothing, right? Ya think So common useless coward! Think you got what it takes, right!? Hit me!
What do, what do, what do you do? You've got to turn back to live your life. What do, what do, what do you do? What do you do? Now that you've built all these walls To escape the pain To live you're life in vain You're just running away You've got to turn back You've got to face your sins You've got to live your life Without running away You're just running away
Connect Resist
Ink Ribbon 03:24
Feel the sound Feel the sound of my heart beat
Pistol-whip the neon tiger
System of control (x3) System malfunction (x2) It's a system of control, that binds you to me It's a system of worries, that keeps me from being free


This album is about rethinking structure and purpose. A lot of tracks are completely rebuilt from the ground up in entirely different styles. Crossing genres and breaking boundaries each track intends to deeply explore the emotions that created the original. These re-envisioned tracks take a step back to see that emotion in a new light based on how my life has changed over the past few years. Several completely new songs showcase the influence and direction I'm taking my music as I continue to grow.

The CD covers roughly three years of work starting in 2017 right after Phase G2. I certainly hope some of the fan favorites hold true in their reborn style while also picking up some new friends along the way.

All purchases can be used for Twitch, YouTube or another streaming platform for free (performance rights to owners). All I ask is that you let viewers clearly see the artist name when the track is first being played. Link backs would be nice but not required.


released November 20, 2020




X5s San Diego, California

Born in CA and raised on 80's synthpop I spent my youth listening to all kinds of music and playing way too many video games. I've been a hobby producer of music for over 15 years with a wide range of styles.

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